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Stubby Holders

Drink Coolers

Our quality stubbie holders are made from 5 mm thick neoprene and are over locked top and bottom and have a taped and stitched seam for a smart cosmetic look. Our colours are sharp and vibrant giving a great end result that ultimately promotes your business or outlet in the right way.
These stubbie holders can be printed with your own personal design whether it be a graphic or photographic design, alternatively chose from our vast array of stock designs that can be over printed in small quantities allowing you to test the product.

Available in small quantities.

SKU: 26-40-000 | Size: 72 mm x 115 mm

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Established in 1985 ASM Eclipse is an Australian owned and operated family business based in Melbourne, Australia.


The ASM Eclipse family are customer focussed and available at all times to discuss your individual requirements.

In House Production

We are the only Souvenir company in Australia that decorates 100% in house allowing us to monitor quality and turnaround fast.


Since our inception we have been continually involved with Australia’s souvenir market.